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Flower basket cake

Flower basket cake

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Mix eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt until they triple in volume and light in color. With a spoon or paddle of the mixer, let a little dough fall on the entire surface of the egg and sugar composition and if it leaves visible marks (or "write") then our composition is ready. Gradually add the sifted flour and mix very carefully from the bottom up, from the center to the outside.
After the flour is perfectly incorporated in the egg composition, add another flour and so on until we finish all the flour, then add the hazelnuts, add the cocoa and mix well. Place the dough in a form lined with butter and flour and level the surface very carefully.

I mixed the mascarpone with the sugar and honey. Melt the gelatin according to the instructions, take 2-3 tablespoons of the mascarpone composition, mix with the gelatin and then pour into the entire composition. Beat the whipped cream well, add the sour cream and beat for homogenization, then add to the mascarpone composition, adding the cherries.

I put the sugar with 2 lg of water on the fire in a pan and I waited for it to become caramel. In a bowl I put the 2 eggs and the starch and I mixed them without making dumplings. I then added the milk and poured over the caramel that was still on the fire, over low heat. I left it on the fire until the caramel melted and the cream became like a thick pudding, then I let it cool but not completely, during which time I beat the whipped cream
then I added gelatin and 20 g butter. After it cooled I added the whipped cream and after it was homogenized I added the cherries


-I cut the countertop in three

-I put in a round strainer, lined with food foil the first countertop I syruped

-I put mascarpone cream

-I put the 2nd countertop I syruped, I put caramel cream I also put the last syrupy countertop

-I greased with butter mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar so that there are no more holes in the top

For plasticine

I melted the chocolate, added the energizer and mixed well, then left it to cool for a few hours. I made strips of this plasticine with which I made the braid on the cake. I also added the flowers made before.


Careful! Maison Armand S.R.L. mentions that the storage of personalized cakes / cakes (iced), at refrigeration temperatures (0-4 o C) for a period longer than 3-6 hours, leads to the degradation of the external appearance of the product (the appearance of beads due to & ldquotranspiration & rdquo of sugar paste, which absorbs the moisture of the mousse, the food color leakage, the wrinkling of the edible sheet on which the photos are printed, etc.)

When placing an order, please ask how best to handle these cakes.

Flower basket for moms

Because tomorrow is mothers' day, I prepared a little artistic moment and a party for them :).

The little ones surprised their mothers. We have already established that it is a secret and we do not have to tell them what we worked on, but we will show them tomorrow.

For moms I made a paper flower basket. I cut baskets for them, and they drew the flowers.

After I cut the flowers, the little ones glued them together.

Some colorful baskets came out, very beautiful, which the little ones will give, together with their love, to their mothers.

Cakes and pies

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Separate the eggs, fry the egg whites with the sugar, add the yolks and the oil, then sift the flour together with the baking powder. Bake the top on the right heat and then cut it into 2 slices when it is cold.

Mix whole eggs with the sugar on the fire, let them simmer until they thicken like sour cream. Separately beat the liquid cream well. Mix eggs with gelatin soaked in compote juice and then with liquid fruit, let the cream set a little and then add the drained fruit.
We put in the form in which we baked the top a slice of top, add the cream and cover with the second slice of top. We give the cold cake for at least 5 hours then we decorate it with whipped cream and variously colored.

Learn from here how to make decorative flowers for the cake

Flower basket cake - Recipes

The cake is wonderful. Bravo Cristina & gt: D & lt. Maybe one day I will dare to work with sugar paste. Kiss you

Thanks Timea. Only the flowers are made of sugar paste, the rest is white and dark chocolate.

It looks great !! Congratulations Cristina for this beautiful cake!

What about me, Cristina, is this cake really edible? Did you work on that basket, I think! Very nice!

Thanks Gabriela. Surprisingly, the basket was the easiest to make. :)

Superb cake! : X How is it decorated? I mean the holes on the outside

For that decoration, I melted chocolate on a steam bath, only dark chocolate, without added milk / cream, etc. and I spread the chocolate on aerated foil (that cracking foil, which is used to wrap fragile objects), I wrapped the cake and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes, after which I gently peeled off the foil and the chocolate border remained. The foil must be measured and cut to the required size before placing the chocolate.

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The technique of making a cake finish in the shape of a woven basket

As a good aunt, I made a beautiful cake last night, which my sister took to the hospital (read & # 8222service & # 8221) to mark the moment of returning from maternity leave and to celebrate with colleagues the birth of little Alexander , the one for which I also made the blue christening cake. I have already shared the cake recipe with you, it is the Fruit and Cream Cake.

What I want to knead for you today is not, therefore, a recipe, but the technique of making a basket-like braid to decorate the edges of a cake. This technique, once mastered, is very simple and fast. In record time you will get professional-looking cakes. After you have decorated the edge with this braid, place flowers or fruits on top of the cake and the decoration is ready.

Necessary materials:

You need whipped cream or cream with which you want to cover the cake, in a generous amount. For the basket weaving, the same amount is consumed, or even a little more whipped cream (cream) than for covering the whole cake with a layer 1 cm thick. I recommend that, if you decorate with whipped cream, it should be beaten very well. and stabilized with whipped cream hardener (1 sachet per 250 ml of whipped cream).

Tools needed:& # 8211 waterproof bag for decoration (plastic or waterproof canvas, the so-called & # 8222pos & # 8221) - decoration tip type 47, is a tip with flattened opening and ribbed edges, namely this:

I chose to exemplify the procedure both with images taken from Wilton, and with a tutorial made by me (to see it better, click on the image accompanied by text). Step 1 & # 8211 cover the entire surface of the cake with a smooth, thin layer of cream or whipped cream, the same that you will use to make the braid type & # 8222cosulet & # 8221 or one in contrasting color, as you wish. Next: A) Choose the ribbed and flat ornament tip (type 47) and attach it to the bag for decoration. Fill the bag with whipped cream and stabilized or cream. On the surface of the cake edge already covered with a thin layer of whipped cream (or cream) draw a vertical line, as straight as possible, along the entire height of the edge. Then draw 4 (or 3) horizontal lines, leaving spaces between them equal to their thickness. (click on image to enlarge)

and images from Wilton:

B) Cover the end of the horizontal lines with a vertical line, as straight as possible.(click on image to enlarge)

C) Above the vertical line drawn at point B, draw horizontal lines, filling the spaces left between the horizontal lines drawn at point A. (click on image to enlarge)

D) Cover the ends of the horizontal lines drawn at point C with another vertical line, identical to that at point B, then draw horizontal lines between the spaces left by the horizontal lines drawn at point C. Continue in this way until the surface of the cake edge is completely covered. . (click on image to enlarge)

E) A variation of this model would be to use two types of ornament tip, for the vertical lines using a round and smooth tip, and for the horizontal lines the tip described in point A.(click on image to enlarge)

Finally, make a wavy finish, sprinkling with a star-shaped decoration tip, at the top edge of the braid-shaped decoration. Place fruits or flowers and the cake is ready:

Flower basket cake

Flower basket cake decorated in brown marzipan with many variously colored flowers.

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Composition Cake Chocolate slice

Pandispan of cocoa syrup, milk chocolate cream, chantily cream, decorated with Italian profiterole.

Lady Cake Composition

Vanilla cream and natural whipped cream with berries syruped with alkemers.

Madame Chocholate Cake Composition

Composition: syrupy pandispan, chocolate cream with cinnamon, vanilla cream with malaga and raisins, decorated in chocolate.

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The chocolate cream offers with praline and caramelized hazelnuts.

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Pandispan of cocoa syrup and chocolate cream. Decorated with chocolate.

Limoncello Cake Composition

Pandispan syrup with lemon syrup, vanilla cream with lemon, decorated with natural whipped cream.

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Pandispan syrup with chocolate sauce, milk chocolate cream, vanilla cream with hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and honey, decorated with chocolate.

Ina Cake Composition

Milk chocolate cream and caramelized walnut cream, decorated with chocolate and crantz.

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Mascarpone cream on a table syrupy with coffee.

Edward Cake Composition

Chocolate cream offers, white chocolate mouse with alcoholic cherries, decorated with natural whipped cream.

Aura Cake Composition

Syrupy pandispan, chocolate cream offers, whipped cream and candied oranges, decorated with chocolate.

Cosmin Cake Composition

Chocolate sauce with chocolate pieces and cocoa biscuits, vanilla cream, natural whipped cream with biscottino, nut cream with caramelized nuts.

Anais Cake Composition

Meringue sheets, chocolate cream jofre with alcoholic cherries and nuts.

Note (*): It is made only for rectangular or round cakes, decorated in chocolate or whipped cream.

Sarah Cake Composition

Chocolate sauce, chocolate cream, caramelized expanded rice, chocolate mousse and caramelized banana cream, glazed in caramel.

Flower basket cake

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* Products made in our laboratory may contain the following allergens: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, husked wheat, wheat or their hybrids) and egg products and milk products and nuts (including lactose) nuts peanuts and celery products and sesame seeds and fish products and mustard products and crustacean products and sulfur dioxide and sulphite products in concentrations exceeding 10 mg / kg or 10 mg / liter expressed as SO2 lupine and products derived molluscs and derived products.

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